Bienvenue to That’s so French

Disclaimer: I am not of French nationality. (refer to About tab)


My name is Frances Coral and I am from San Juan, Puerto Rico. I go to the University of Puerto Rico and major in Journalism. Writing about fashion, food, travel and beauty is my passion, so I decided to share my world with you. This is my platform to inspire and get inspired. As a journalism major, it can sometimes get quite technical and theoretical to write all day with so many guidelines and strategies. But there’s something about style, beauty and food that brightens up my day. So, let’s call this therapy for the college girl in pure need of a spark!

Anyway, so here are some snapshots from this week. I hope you get to know me better. So, the next time you see something similar to my posts, I hope you say: “Oh, that’s so French!”

I wore this outfit to my grandmother’s birthday past Sunday. Needless to say my family looked at me quite strange but I just love the pattern and color mix. H & M sweater, Zara shirt underneath, Zara pants and Michael Kors shoes.

Meet Coco. She’s my Cocker Spaniel, daughter, sister and study buddy.

An outfit I wore to school today: All Forever 21. For the college girl on a budget!

This is simply my hand. And a couple different rings I wore at the same time. Can you say hand party? From left to right: Senior ring and vintage rings. Paired with OPI Countdown to the kiss nail polish.

Yes, I am that girl who started college and became addicted to coffee. It’s a necessity if I want to pull off all nighters.



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4 thoughts on “Bienvenue to That’s so French

  1. J Louie says:

    Saw your post on the TVFU Facebook group… love your blog! Meme si vous n’etes pas francaise, pouvez-vous le parlez? Si vous pourrez voir, je parles un peu de français… mais je ne suis pas très bonne! Anyway, check out my blog also.. Just started it a while ago 😉

    • francescoral says:

      I took a basic French course but I’m not good at it. Case and point: I went to France right after I took the course and no one understood what I was saying, so I had give up and speak English for everyone’s sake. I looked at your blog and it is amazing. You have a really cool style. I’ll keep following your blog (follow back and I will love it more! haha) Are you attending TVFU as well?

      • J Louie says:

        haha same here! Even after 12 years of taking french in school, I ended up speaking english when I went to France! and Thank you! Yes, I am attending TVFU for the first time! Im so excited! Is this your first time as well?

      • francescoral says:

        This is my second time. You’ll have so much fun! It’s kind of an unbelievable experience. We should get together during TVFU!

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