Empire State of Teen Vogue

This past weekend, Teen Vogue magazine celebrated its 7th Annual Teen Vogue Fashion University in New York City with an A-list selection of fashion stars that ranged from Vogue’s Creative Director, Grace Coddington, to celebrity fashionista, Nicole Richie. Last year, I was lucky to be chosen as one of the 500 girls that make the cut and this year wasn’t the exception. And let me tell you, it’s even better the second time around.

Every pannel was full with energy, excitement and ambition. All the girls (and boys!) were dressed to impress and determined to make the best out of the three day event that included an H & M shopping party, Topshop shopping event and seminars with fashion stars.

Girls lining up to get their picture taken at the H & M shopping party.

The first stop of the weekend was the H & M shopping event at 743 Lexington Ave. and 59th street (I’m practicing my New York directions, haha). A long line preceded the event that was bound to be a completely packed store. And it was. Personally, I do not like shopping being compressed with 499 other girls in a two floor store. So, before it was done, I left to get some cheesecake at Junior’s in Times Square.

Meeting PR girl and The City cast member, Erin Kaplan, was one of the highlights of my trip.

Second day of Teen Vogue Fashion University proved to be an exciting and inspiring one. First of all, it started with an encounter with past The City cast member and now Teen Vogue publicist, Erin Kaplan. Following the super starstruck moment, we entered the Hudson Theatre to receive a lecture from Grace Coddington, Vogue’s Creative Director. After, I headed to the Conde Nast building to get a tour of the Teen Vogue offices (another post on that one coming up!), a seminar with Oscarprgirl, Erika Bearman, designer Erin Featherston, bloggers Rumi Neely and Bryan Boy and finally, the Teen Vogue editors.

Day three of Teen Vogue Fashion U was all about Fashion in the Digital Age with representatives from lookbook.nu, Polyvore,Style Bistro, Shop Bop and Rebecca Minkoff (herself!). They elaborated on the growing revolution and democratization of fashion through the internet and how we can get involved in this evolution. After, we were declared Teen Vogue Fashion U graduates of 2012!!

Enjoy these pictures of the fashionable weekend in New York City!

Ps. More to come…

I met Flannery about a year and a half ago when we went to a Fashion Institute of Technology pre-college program. After, we went to TVFU 2011 and we reunited this time around. She is super stylish and fun!

“Where’s the arm party?”, I asked one of the Dannijo girls in reference to their good friend Leandra Medine aka. The Man Repeller. I wore H & M sweater, Zara blouse, pants and boots and DVF canvas tote.

Erika Bearman, also known as Oscar Pr Girl, or the Senior Vice President of Public Relations for Oscar de la Renta. So many names but only two words to describe: beautiful and inspiring!

I say we look good together. Future fashion co-workers, maybe? I wish!

Now Manifest’s power couple, Bryan Boy and Rumi Neely.

Stay tuned for a tour at the Teen Vogue Offices and some inspiring words from Grace Coddington.


4 thoughts on “Empire State of Teen Vogue

  1. ess says:

    hey there! x
    great piece! I’ll be attending university in US next year and I would love to be a part of TVFU. Can you tell me how you applied and what is the correct age and other details?
    thanks a lot!
    PS. Your outfit looks great! x

    • francescoral says:

      Hey! Thank you for the supporting words! I applied for TVFU in the beginning of June. You need to be constantly checking teenvogue.com and TVFU on facebook and twitter because they announce when the applications are up. Then, they respond with the acceptance letter on September. I encourage anyone to go because it’s a great learning experience and the knowledge you gain is life-changing.

      • ess says:

        Thanks a lot! Also, what sort of questions do they ask in the application? Do i need to submit sketches or something? cause i’m really not a sketch person and love fashion in a generalized way by incorporating it in my everyday life..

      • francescoral says:

        They mainly ask very style related questions. They also ask you to submit any work you have done so, yeah you may submit sketches. The questions are relatively easy so give them your best so you can stand out. Pay attention to grammar. That’s really important.

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