Trend: The Isabel Marant sneaker wedge

You’ve seen a sneaker. You’ve seen a wedge. But have you seen the sneaker wedge? Well, I have news for you. They do exist. Parisian designer, Isabel Marant, presented the sneaker wedge a few seasons ago and since then, they’ve blown up all over the world. Bloggers, editors and models have been sporting them around and I even saw a few girls wearing them during TVFU. And by them, I mean the knockoffs and different variations many companies have created. Until they reached my hands.

I encountered this pair of sneaker wedges a few days ago while shopping at Marshalls (yes, I do shop there, so what?!) and was about to take them home until a very good friend offered her opinion and told me to think about it. Would I really be wearing these? Or would I just buy them for being trendy? Let’s be honest trends come and go. So, I decided to leave them in the shelf, along with 10 other pairs of the same shoe.

Here are some other variations and people who have worn them:

Puertorrican super model, Joan Smalls. Photo: Vanity.City

Blogger Leandra Medine wearing them in the photo on the right. Photo: The Man Repeller

So, what do you think of the trend? Gotta have it? I say, we should all own a pair!




3 thoughts on “Trend: The Isabel Marant sneaker wedge

  1. Ava Tallulah says:

    I actually really love them because they’re a nice casual shoe that is also actually quite flattering. Not to mention, they’re unbelievably comfy! I love my Steve Madden ones, you should’ve bought them, girl!

    Ava Tallulah

  2. i really love the shoes.i wan to buy them.can you tell me where i can buy the high quality low price shoes

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