The Weekend

Last week, I was taking Media Writing class when my professor said something that really inspired me: “This is the time to take risks. Now, that you are young, it is the time to be radical”. Well, he wasn’t exactly referring to partying or having tons of friends. He was actually talking about being daring when writing and article and to get out of the box. But, the philosopher in me took it the other way. I have come to realize that it is true: this is the time to take risks, to be young, have fun and enjoy life’s moments. That being said, I do need to make a disclaimer. I am not a believer of the YOLO motto because as you only live once, you also DIE once. (So, think about that the next time you YOLO your way through life). There are other ways to enjoy life and cherish the moments with those you love. So, in an effort to take risks, be more outgoing and create memories with those around me, I have created this new section: The Weekend. I will keep track of all of weekend’s happenings and try to live life to the fullest.

Enjoy The Weekend Number One


On Friday, I went out with my boyfriend and his brother to El Bar Bero, a local bar with a barber shop concept. They had a wall honoring the best mustaches in history.

Sunday dinner is becoming a tradition in our house. Yesterday, I cooked churrasco  in red wine sauce with Pilaf rice.

I complain a lot about living in a tropical island with hot weather 365 days of the year, but when I look at this gorgeousness, I cannot complain.

Our favorite past time is playing with my little love: Coco.


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