Giving thanks while wearing sweaters

‘Tis the season to give thanks; to make a list of all those things we feel eternally grateful for and eat like there’s no tomorrow. Although it sounds cliché-y, I cannot lie: I love Thanksgiving. Not because it is the time of the year when we all gather to eat, pray and be grateful, but because I get that God damningly beautiful feeling that the semester is coming to an end. Oh, and I love desserts.

For the last few years, Thanksgiving has become a sort of tradition for me. It terms of fashion, that is. Since it is the first holiday of the season, I try to start with a kick. Of course, my family makes fun of me for wearing sweaters and boots in 90-degree weather, but their comedy does not stop me from doing so. In fact, I plan to wear a type of holiday-ish garment this Thursday. Family jokes or not, I simply do not care that my island neglects me of the pleasure of a bit of cold weather. Not even on winter. That’s the tropics for you.

Also, I plan on spending Thanksgiving weekend with some friends: Roland Barthes, Mikail Bahktin and Neanderthals. Fun, right? The truth is I just got this book by Roland Barthes and I am really happy. But the other “friends” are part of my three weeks left until finals.


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