Turkey: all day, everyday

At this point, I have eaten three different turkeys, from three different houses. It’s typical from a Puerto Rican Thanksgiving Day. Although we don’t get snow, low temperatures and falling leaves, we do celebrate Thanksgiving with a bit of edge. Here, Thanksgiving marks the start of an almost two month long Christmas season. It’s incredible how we can create so many parties, holiday and excuses to join together and celebrate. But that’s another story.

Yesterday, I spent the day with my dad’s family, my mom’s family and my boyfriend’s. All three houses had their variation of a Thanksgiving dinner, but all shared a usual ingredient: Turkey. This means that I’ll be eating Turkey all day, everyday until it’s over. As a Thanksgiving special, I made Tiramisu. Pumpkin pie, Tembleque and Flan were also in the mix. Calories, I love you.

The Tiramisu severely suffered the consequences of Thanksgiving. There was no piece left.

Never seen a traditional Puerto Rican platter? Here you have it. Turkey with mofongo stuffing and arroz con gandules. Yum!

If you are wondering what I wore: F21 skirt, Gap shirt, vintage sandals, Aldo clutch and glasses and Marc Jacobs watch. Oh, and hand party is vintage and senior ring.

Closer look at my accessories and super glittery nails.

The fashionista in me couldn’t help but take a picture of this awesomeness. It’s a Hot Topic shirt that my cousin, Michelle, wore yesterday. Isn’t it ridiculously cool?

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