The Weekend

Christmas is here. The cooler weather and extravagant decorations say it’s time to celebrate. If only the next three weeks could go disappear from the calendar, the I would be happier. But since it’s still three more weeks to go before I leave to Seattle on vacation, I have to make the best out of the beginning of Christmas and the ending to a very difficult first college semester.

This weekend I started decorating my apartment with my mother and boyfriend. We picked up the tree and had a hard time putting it up. The base did not support the tree’s weight, so we had to go to the store to buy another one on BLACK FRIDAY. Horrible! But we had luck on the line and a discount!

We also had a small get together at our apartment. It was very fun until the power went out. But the party continued!

My mom couldn’t have picked a better decoration for our table.

Isn’t is magical and exciting to see a decorated Christmas tree?

What I wore on Saturday: Zara knit sweater, F21 skirt, DVF canvas tote and label-less leopard flats.

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5 thoughts on “The Weekend

  1. Love that color of your sweater! I wish Christmas was here in Arizona! I will need to find some snow asap!


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