The Weekend 4

Classes are almost over, there is a bit of cold in the Puerto Rican air and my best friend is coming in from Syracuse… I think it’s time for Christmas. This weekend felt more like a vacation than finals week. Although I sacrificed a lot of studying hours, I did what I love the most: visit my family! On Friday, I spent all day at my grandparent’s house along with my dad and step mom. At night, my cousins visited. It was a super fun and eye opening day. I learned that no matter what goes on around you, the only people that will ever love you for who you truly are is your family. So, no matter what, never sacrifice times with them for someone or something else.

On Saturday, my mom and I hosted a dinner party for her family. Almost 30 people came! It was a super fun night full of love, laughter and amazing people. I learned another lesson this weekend while spending time with my family: Don’t ever let anyone stop you from being who you are. The people that love you the most will always notice when you are not being yourself. So, surround yourself with people that value your uniqueness, dreams and personality.

Well, that’s it for the quote book today!

Enjoy I few pictures from the weekend.


My grandpa indulged me with a delicious coffee. I had never tasted his coffee before. Watch out baristas everywhere!


Say hello to my cousin Gustavo. He’s almost three years old. I caught him watching his favorite movie, Spirit, for the hundredth (joking) time in a day. He rewinds it every time.He makes me happy.

RSCN0091I posted this picture before. But I had to, again. My cousin Michelle is my sister. We may fight and not think alike but I love her to death. I am so proud of the young woman she has become and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner in crime.


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