Women are from Venus: Having girlfriends


 Just recently, I find myself in the possession of an iPad, which has led me to countless hours of browsing, buying and reading books. Let me tell you, it’s not easy to find a good book in the free section. On another note, due to my desperate attempts in life to be more like the French, I decided to read All you need to be impossibly French, a guide to becoming the ultimate French lady. Currently, I am reading a chapter that talks about the relationship French women have with each other. What it basically says is that no French woman will ever have a female best friend.

I suddenly feel troubled with this idea. The boys have the bromance and girls have bffs, but what does it all mean? And are we obligated to have them?

As a Puerto Rican, I was raised to become close to my best friends, to sit down around a table to “chismear” all night long. It’s is one of the fundamental activities of women. If you ask a man how to describe a woman the word gossip will always pop out. But is it true? Is it realistic to generalize?

I have always had trouble being friends with girls, but I have never realized how profound my problem was until I reached high school. For the last five years I have only had four female friends. It’s dooming to look around and see all the gorgeous girls going out in skinny mini dresses for “Girl’s Night Out!” That’s not me. I find more comfort in my bed writing and cuddling with my Coco or sipping a few glasses of wine at a lounge with a chilled vibe. What is wrong with me?

French women do not have friends because they are competitive and jealous of each other, so am I the case? In this world full of impractical female aesthetics, less amounts of great straight guys and women dominating the workforce, is it possible that we all hate each other in private? And if we do, why is that?

It feels wrong and weird to be the one not excited for a Girl’s Night Out, but it suddenly doomed on me. I may not be the life of the single gals party or the epitome of French female interaction, but I am me: true to my friends and to myself.

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