Fun & Bright


Welcome to Puerto Rico, where it’s January 10th, the temperature is 85 degrees, sunny skies and 30 knots winds. The location? Old San Juan. A historial and nostalgic place where we all come for various reasons: you can sip a coffee at Cafe Poetico, fly kites at El Morro, visit the historical trademarks of our island or eat an amazing pizza at Pirilo Pizzeria (among many other things). The first one being the point of encounter for these two ladies to meet up: Frances Coral and Gabriella Ostolaza.


A week before, Gabriella, who is a photography student at Sagrado Corazon, asked me if she could do a photo shoot with me. I must admit I was nervous: I hadn’t done one in a really long time. The theme was “fun & bright” as she would describe in a text message the night before the big day. I arrived at Cafe Poetico at approximately 1:05 and orderes a Caramel Latte, while I waited anxiously for my photographer. We sat for a few minutes and chatted about our new college lives, the weird professors we’ve encountered and even had time to gossip a bit. At about 2, I notified her that we must get going because I have to pick up my doggie at the groomers (you can see her haircut here)

The latte proved to be very helpful when it came time to shoot the happiest photos I have ever done. I don’t know if it was the caffeine in my veins, the sunny weather or the fact that I was wearing one of my favorite dresses, but that smile was showing.


I am wearing a Zara dress and shoes, Forever 21 necklace. I styled my hair with Bumble & bumble surf spray.


You can follow Gabriella’s work at Fielius Photography’s Facebook Page. 


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