Obsessed much?


Mia Thermopolis, Ella Enchanted, Andy Sachs, Maggie Murdock and Emma Morley. An invisible high-school student turned princess, an enchanted stepsister turned queen, an aspiring journalist who is bitten by the fashion bug and a university graduate who travels through her life all in one day to then die tragically. What do they all have in common? Anne Hathaway.

Steve Granitz

For the last nine years, the film industry has been watching Anne go from the princess of Genovia to Fantine in Les Miserables. Her flourishing into womanhood hasn’t only been in roles. Anne has known how to grow as an elegant and enchanting young woman who recently married the love of her life. It’s been a long way from New Jersey to the Golden Globes, but Annie (as I like to call her) has aged with an impeccable voice, great talent and grace. Not to mention her quirky sense of humor.


Her evolution surpasses her film roles and aging. Anne has become a total style icon since she starred in The Devil Wears Prada and hired stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe. I know what you are thinking: It’s so easy to look great when you have a stylist behind you. Yeah, I thought so too. But regardless of who selects her Armani Prive gowns, Anne rules the red carpet with an old Hollywood glamour that is inimitable. No one else can pull it off.


My obsession with Anne Hathaway began when I turned nine. I was a little girl fantasizing about her dream prince while watching The princess Diaries 2 at my birthday. By then, I had a huge crush on my neighbor who was twelve. I remember our eyes gazing at each other while Mia and Nicholas kissed in confirmation of their love. It was a true romantic moment. But later, the real love that stayed in my heart was the one towards Anne. She rose to the top of my list with roles in One Day, Love and other Drugs, Valentine’s Day, Rachel Getting Married, Bride Wars and Alice in Wonderland. Her ability to transform herself from a phone sex operator to the snow queen amazed me. But it wasn’t until I watched Les Miserables that I truly declared my love for her.


So dear Annie, I write this to you. Even though you may not read it, ever. I love you. I admire you. And I wish you all the success in your career and your life. You have inspired me in so many ways and I am sure you will keep doing so until the end of your career. You’ve made me fall in love, your’ve made me cry, you’ve made me wish I could sing like you and you’ve made me believe that a young girl can someday become an Oscar nominee (metaphorically, of course).

Please enjoy this recollection of my style obsessions with Anne Hathaway.

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