The Weekend

We were all born crying, then we figured out how to smile. We were all in darkness of our mother’s uterus and then we came to artificial lighting in a hospital. It’s just a metaphor, of course, but it’s one of the fundamental realities of life. As little kids we stumbled down and stood up a thousand times. The clumsy self became a running 2-year-old. Apart for being the stage of growth, development, bad tasting baby food and diapers, childhood can teach us life-changing lessons, just like I realized yesterday.

photo 2 (32)

Meet Alondra and Gustavo: my 2-year-old and 6-year-old cousins. If you spend 4 hours with them shopping you will have fun and go a little crazy. But apart from the difficult task of babysitting them, I learned a few things. As I watched them fall every five minutes, cry and follow it all up with a smile, I realized that falling down is just one step closer to being your better self. Since we are born we fall (hard) on the ground. Although now falling doesn’t involve rushing to the hospital to get multiple stitches and is more like breaking one’s heart or losing your job, we have known what to do when we are down since we started to walk. As Kelly Cutrone said: ” You can’t truly be happy if you have never known pain.”

photo 3 (23)

Sometimes we just need to remind ourselves of who we truly are, stop it with the excuses and get our ass^% up.

photo 4 (11)

Cry as you may, but be sure to follow up with a big ol’ smile.


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