Sartorial memory


I have a confession. I can narrate my last two relationships through my closet. Like the special stripped t-shirt my first boyfriend bought for me at Zara and I wore the day my last boyfriend became just that, or the floral dress I wore to my second boyfriend’s graduation (by then a friend) and then to my first dinner with my first boyfriend and my mother. (Confused? It takes a timeline to understand). I can assure you, I am not alone. As women, we are genetically inclined to memorize one outfit per moment, or even two, or three.

Clothes can hold sentimental value. Primordially for when and where you wear them. Every time I open my closet, I am inspired to tell a story. It’s funny how, when we choose an outfit, we are not aware of the story that might emerge from it. It’s a magic feeling (and power!) It’s a known fact that only women remember what they wore most of the time. (Please, tell me I am not the only weirdo!)

Men don’t think the same way. They never remember what they wore, nor do they remember what you wore. It’s a plus, I must say. A guy will never notice when you wear the same jeans or the same clutch, which might be helpful when you are feeling uninspired (and if he does, tell him to give me a call, jk!)

To prove a fact, here’s a story. After wearing the same floral dress with my two ex-boyfriends, once before he was my boyfriend and the other while we were at it, I sported the same dress to date night with my recent ex (confused again?). I was a fool for believing that he would notice that I was wearing the same dress I wore to his graduation, which was very sentimental and important to me. Instead, he asked: “Cute dress, is it new?” Imagine my face.

 Another example might be a scene when Blair (in Gossip Girl) reminisces over her relationship with Chuck by looking at the dress she wore the first time they, you know, did it. On the show, they presented a flashback, which describes the exact way memories run through my mind when I look at my clothes.

The magic of this secret gender memory talent is that we will always remember great memories and stories in a very unusual away. Plus, it’s secret. You don’t have to follow in my footsteps and reveal them. You can just flip through them and relive good times, or maybe bad (in which case I recommend you through it away). Also, I might add, buying new clothes are a way to reinvent oneself when you run out of good memories to remember and want to start creating new ones.

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