Razzle-dazzle them

In case you don’t know, I am quite the show stopping talent. From ballet to belly dance, I have (literally) tried it all. Since age four I have been a ballet fanatic (even longer if you count the fact that my mom decided to postpone my ballet lessons after a public crying session). I knew exactly what I wanted to be: a prima ballerina. I wanted standing ovations at Lincoln Center and world tours with the best ballet companies. All this was before I even put on a pair of slippers. And while my story on stage has nothing to do with this blog, the clothes I wore do.

My relationship with stage costumes started at age 4, when I wore a blue, pink and green tutu to my first ballet recital. I was a clown. It didn’t matter that I messed up the routine by sliding my slipper off my foot. All the glitter and drama made it worth it. I asked myself: “Is this really what I want?” It sure was.


Later, I impersonated Britney. And yeah, I mean Britney Spears. She was my icon back then. I had the Barbie, the CD, the moves and the “voice”. At summer camp, I decided it was a good idea to act like her at the talent show. Wrong. Also, I thought it was a good idea to get a boy to impersonate the astronaut in the “Oops, I did it again!” video. Wrong, again. Anyhow, the costume was awesome: a purple silk top and skirt combination accompanied by Power Puff Girls sandals. Enjoy the embarrassing picture.


But by 11th grade, a sex kitten had emerged. This time I was Christina Aguilera (without the blonde hair). The sequined skirt and vest razzle-dazzled the audience, while my enchanting moves captivated their eyes. I mean I was an expert in the show stopping business and I was taking part in a number that was almost cancelled by school authorities. Rawr!


Months later, I said goodbye to my ballet career in my last recital ever. I had three costumes during that show. The best one was the Can Can dress. It was showy, naughty and culturally rich. Ever seen a can can show? Think Moulin Rouge. While the dance was exhaustingly painful, I enjoyed it very much. And who doesn’t like a bird on their head, a garter and stockings while doing the splits? It was a show stopping business graduation.


Also, be sure to check out my choreography work. Be Italian from the musical NINE.


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