En mi Viejo San Juan

Dear non-Puerto Rican that reads me, welcome to Old San Juan!

For your information, this is the oldest city in the western hemisphere (almost 500 years) and the merging place for tourists, history, art, literature, festivals, among many other things. It’s the “walled city” due to the immense brick walls the Spanish built around its bay during the time they owned the island. Two of the most important fortifications are: El Morro and la Fortaleza (pictured below).

But today I want to show you my favorite side of this city, the best season to visit: Las Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastian. It is the festival of festivals to visit. During four days, the Old San Juan transforms into streets of celebration and artisans. The pictures you are about to see were taken during this wonderful Puerto Rican festivity. I encourage all of you to visit Old San Juan, but most of all to learn about its history and culture.


La Fortaleza

A street filled with festival enthusiasts.

Dancer in “zancos”.

PS. That woman was one of my first ballet teachers!
DSCN0486Authentic Puerto Rican candy.


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