Beach weekend

Nothing you ever do will be as fulfilling and liberating as taking a weekend vacation to a remote island. Though it was not as remote as I would would have liked it to be, this weekend was spent with family at Culebra, an island that is part of Puerto Rico. It was fun, to say the least. We all needed the no cell service, beach vacation after the traumatic events that have shaken up our lives lately.

One thing I learned more than anything this weekend is the importance of family during hard and fun times. No matter how hard life might get, no one (and I mean NO ONE) will care for you as much as your family (except maybe my best friend, Ivette, but that’s just pure casualty). Just remember that, dear readers.

Now for a recap of a birthday( not mine!)-relaxing-no cell service-three day vacation, enjoy the evidence.





Also, do you think I look like stop sign with this shirt? Or maybe like I just didn’t want to get lost? Anyway, I like it. DSCN0560

Below is a link to a short video (I DO MEAN SHORT) that I made for this trip. It is my first attempt at film making (sort of):


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