1 V-day, 3 outfits

Oh, the time has come. The inevitability of Valentine’s Day is here. The day when we focus all our energy into making sure those around us feel loved. A concept I have always had trouble with. It’s daunting to think that we have become so caught up in our lives that we need one specific day to write poems, enjoy chocolate or give flowers. On the other hand, it’s a cute day. I have no animosity towards it considering I get to eat chocolate like a maniac.

And while I find myself dateless, I hired my own dates: my high school classmates. They should keep me company during the solitary realization of a no-date Valentine’s Day. No worries, though; I have arrived at a conclusion. Why not celebrate my greatest love this coming festivity? That love being myself. It’s absurd to surrender to the generic concept of Valentine’s Day. Why can’t it be spent with me, myself and I? As Diane von Furstenberg so eloquently said: “The most important relationship you have in your life is the relationship you have with yourself because no matter what happens you will always be with yourself”… And clothes, for that matter (unless you plan on walking around naked).

Yeah, clothes. They will be part of my Valentine’s Day, as well. Nothing can make me feel less depressed than a good combination of Godiva chocolates and high heels. Though, I haven’t figured out the details of my attire to the dateless V-day party yet, I do have some interesting choices in mind. Any how, here is some V-day dressing advice directly from me to you.  Take notes, ladies!

The elegant date


The casual date


The single ladies date 


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