A Valentine’s truth


It’s time for Valentine’s Day: the one day when we all actually devote to love, give chocolates and say nice things to those around us. And though I am not one to celebrate with a Valentine this year, I will not deprive you of my Valentine’s Day knowledge. Every year I say to myself: “You will hate V-day this year, you will!” I never do. The universe always conspires for me to end up having a good time without having to plan the anti-Valentine’s party. Good memories have emerged from February 14th. 

Just last year, I spent the day (or a few days before) on a date with my ex-boyfriend at Vieques Island and jet skiing at the San Juan Bay. It was romantic, indeed. I must admit it was one of the best V-days of my life. The year before I was a Valentine-less girl but managed to have fun with my friends on my rooftop. That’s what I call a Valentine’s back up plan.

But despite the good times I have had the last two Valentine’s Days, I still don’t believe in it. Have we become so caught up in our own lives that we need a day to remind ourselves to love other? What a crazy thing, if you think about it. The excuse of February 14th to invite a girl out or to say, “I love you” is totally stupid. You have 364 other days in the calendar and you wish to wait until that day? Come on!

The real Valentine’s Day happens everyday, when we say “I love you” out of pure joy of the moment, when we do something nice for our best friend, when we have the guts to invite a guy out just because you thought he was cute. The real V-day acts of love appear out of the blue on any given day. I prefer it that way. Why wait for a certain day to be earnest, to do the big romantic gestures?

Sure, it’s a great reminder to us all. I am not saying it’s not nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I wouldn’t have a problem with it if the next day you wouldn’t be a jerk to her after giving her those expensive stilettos. Get the picture?

As for me, this year I will be celebrating with my friends, no Valentine for that matter. Though I am sure when I have one, he will be my Valentine all year around.

PS. You can also wear red any other day of the year, FYI.


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