I’m walking on sunshine

601254_494701630591551_1427256773_nIt’s spring! Anyone else excited? I am. No matter how cold my island decides to be lately (bipolar climate seems to be the order of the month), March marks the beginning of a colorful, no sleeve season. Along with it come the spring cleaning, St. Patrick’s Day and the end of the semester. Ready for the breakdown? Go!


This outfit is a product of my latest buy from Asos and Forever 21. A romper is always a good idea of you want to show off some leg and keep the simplicity in the heat. Also, it’s super versatile: wear it with flats during the day and pair it with Michael Kors high heeled sandals at night. The pearl cross necklace is quite a small statement that is very relevant right now in case you want to carry around a reference to the catholic anxiety for a new pope. I must admit, I bought it and didn’t think of the religious connotations wearing this cross might bring. Walking around campus, I’ve gotten quite strange stares considering half my school is atheist.

In shoes talk, high heeled sandals speak of spring like no other type of shoe. I must say, my Michael Kors sandals have maintained neat over the years and have proven to be quite helpful when in need of great shoes: comfortable and chic. As of yesterday, I have been thinking about women and high heeled shoes after seeing a painfully looking chick wearing super high pumps at the train. Girls, if you don’t know how to walk in them, just don’t wear them; you look in pain. So, shoes like these help with this matter. A high platform keep the feet balanced; it’s like a high heeled flat.

733890_494701667258214_713785885_nComplete rundown: Asos romper,  Michael Kors shoes, Forever 21 necklace and Aldo sunglasses.

Shot by Fidelius Photography.

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