Everyday I’m Ruffle-ing

(…like the LMFAO song, get it? Ok, I’ll stop!)45386_494720710589643_2112546848_n


To honor the title of this blog post: ruffles. Though I am trying to venture into wearing more color, I can’t let go off my neutral zone (it’s quite boring, I know, but I just can’t help admitting that my favorite colors are brown and navy blue. How weird is that?) Anyhow, let’s go back to the topic of discussion. Never mind the sober color, focus on the fun detail of flow-y ruffles, along with sneaker wedges. I’m no fan of body con dresses, or anything else that accentuates my figure (don’t you know I’m weird?), so it comes as a surprise that I chose to buy this dress from Zara. It has a long history, though. I bought it when I was fourteen, which might explain the body con part of it due to the fact that I was in love with myself at that age. I hid it in my closet for years, until I decided to wear it again the past holiday season. Still a  stranger to showing off a figure, I get freaked out whenever I wear it; still not sure why.

To add to the freak out session, some tourists decided to show up to my shoot, which explains the “get away” tongue expression. Just some goofiness to add to your day!
598950_494721163922931_1731849702_nComplete breakdown: Zara dress, Forever 21 sneakers, Marc Jacobs watch, Aldo sunglasses.

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