Lena Dunham vs The world


Ever seen Girls? I haven’t. Though I would love to. Just because my cable service neglects me of the pleasures of HBO doesn’t mean I wouldn’t enjoy their programming. The buzz says it’s a great show. As an outsider, I can only judge by the internet comments I read about it. Anyway, my point of interest right now is Lena Dunham: writer and actress of the show. Ever since she appeared on the radar, she has been covering magazines non-stop. The latest being Playboy. Yeah, you heard right: Playboy. “How can a curvy girl like Lena cover Playboy?”, I can hear your minds all ask the same question. The media seems to be on the same page.

That’s the real dilemma. Can’t a girl with tattoos, curves and humor be sexy too? After all, what is sexy? Who is sexy? Who defined sexy?

I remember when Adele covered Vogue last year. It was a similar situation. First, the world was shocked. Then, they were even more shocked by the beautiful pictures.

I’m sorry, but I want to be honest. I’m sick and tired of Victoria’s Secret models being the only ones considered sexy. Why can’t I be sexy? I admire Lena Dunham for taking a leap forward for all of us non-stick figured girls. In fact, Marilyn Monroe was the first Playboy cover in December 1953 (as said by Hugh Hefner on Keeping Up With the Kardashians). You know what size she was? FOURTEEN. 14. CATORCE. QUATORZE. How come more than fifty years later we are venerating stick figures with clothes on? Can someone explain this?

Sexiness, for me, is not about who is skinnier or who has the best beach waves. Being sexy means confidence, security, intellect, curiosity, ignorance to other’s opinions and a smile on your face. It means wearing what your heart desires and not being scared of a man not liking it. A man will never leave you for being too skinny, too fat, for not showing cleavage or not having a round butt. Believe me, when a woman is secure of herself, no one and nothing can stop her.

So, congratulations Lena! We’ll be seeing you in Playboy.

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