Aqua de jour



If I had a magic lamp to make three wishes on right now, they would be the following: a.) to work full-time on That’s so French, b.) to be my own boss (similar to point a) and c.) to make a and b come true so I could wear this outfit to work everyday. As soon as I put together the pieces, it struck me. This is how I want to look like when I work in fashion. Of course, a different variation of the skirt would have to be made so I don’t get fired for wearing such short skirts. So, please, pray that I end up becoming my own boss. Also perfect for a spring soiree. Wear it (the shirt) down for a more serious occasion; sexy it up with a knot.


Any how, Aqua de jour is about embracing turquoise, aqua and other sorts of these shades for spring. According to the Pantone Spring 2013 color chart, these tones will be the hot must have. I already got mine. have you gotten yours?


Wearing vintage button down, Asos ruffled skirt, Zara shoes and Marc Jacobs watch.

Photographed by Fidelius Photography.


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