Long skirts and t-shirts


Although my mother and I have two (almost) identical style DNAs, one thing we don’t share is a love for fancy long skirts combined with t-shirts. She gives me a look every time I wear said combination. You know when your mom talks with a simple stare like she’s trying to say: “You are one crazy person”. I can understand her perspective on the trend. After all, women’s formal wear is still the same for her; not to me. Who says you can’t make a formal skirt casual or a simple t-shirt glamorous?

Let me tell you an anecdote. The first time I decided to wear a long skirt to a casual affair was during my senior ring ceremony last year (seen on pictures). The search for the perfect attire started a few months before. It hit me like a muse, when I saw the Christian Siriano SS 2012 collection, that I wanted to wear a fancy skirt with a casual shirt. I remember the exact look: a flouncy beige t-shirt with a maxi, bright green skirt. My mother brought out the designer in her and decided she would sew my ring ceremony outfit. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to wear a custom Maria Santiago (lol!) The real dilemma began when buying fabrics. “You want a t-shirt?!”, my mother said shocked. Thankfully for her, there was no t-shirt like cotton fabric to make my ideal shirt. So, she made the exact same shirt in her fancy, glamorous way. Gotta love her. In the end, we found a happy medium between her sophisticated taste and my love for high-low mixes.


Wearing Zara t-shirt, custom made skirt, Michael Kors shoes and Forever 21 necklace.
484160_495139690547745_1046354749_nPart 4 of a That’s so French spring series 


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