A story of mullets


Oh, mullet dresses. Some hate them; some love them. I, for one, embraced the trend a long time ago and have encountered mixed opinions about the outfits I wear according to said trend. I can understand the rejection of some people; there’s nothing sexy about an actual mullet (although some creepy dudes do think so). The disproportional cut might cause some confusion to the eyes of not-so-sartorial minds. To mine, it have always been great!

The first time I was introduced into the world of asymmetrical skirts and dresses was in 5th grade. Hunting for my cousin Viviana’s prom dress, we encountered a royal blue asymmetrical side mullet dress in the most gorgeous silk fabric you can imagine (calculate its cost in your minds-or don’t).  The jury was divided: my mom and Michelle thought it was hideous; Viviana and I drooled over it. That was the beginning of it all.

But fast forward almost nine years later, my fascination with mullet-ing my way around hasn’t changed. In fact, just last year, I borrowed the exact royal blue gown that started it all, only to be disappointed by school authorities and not be able to wear it to my talent show (it was quite revealing, though). I was in search of vengeance and I got my moment: graduation. This time I made sure the dress had the right amount of conservancy (though no school principal would see it underneath my grad gown) and I opted for this floral Zara mullet dress (I think I’ve said mullet a trillion times by now). Ten months later, I still think it is one of the best inventions.

That’s what I call a style journey.

Complete breakdown: Zara dress and heels, Aldo clutch, F21 necklace and Marc Jacobs watch. 

Part 5 of a That’s so French spring series. 

Shot by Fidelius Photography. 


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