After school fun


What do you do when you don’t have another human being near you to take your picture? You use Photobooth and self-timer. So, excuse the bad quality of the pictures, but this is as pro as I am right now in matters of taking selfies (also, it seems I wanted to take time to show you my kitchen, so here it is!). Anyway, here’s another outfit post for your enjoyment. Yesterday, I was feeling rather professional and opted for this look, after trying on several pieces (getting dressed is as easy as it used to, man). Remember what I told you about navy blue and brown being my favorite colors? Here’s the complete manifesto of that weird trait.

Actually I was thinking about it today and found a peculiarity, or rather full explanation, of why I have become so fond of these colors. First, brown matches with everything, and since black is quite depressing, I try to match brown with the rest of my outfits all the time. Second, navy blue is the color of my high school uniform for the last three years. Maybe I have been holding on to the feeling and comfort of a school uniform by always wearing blue in college. Old habits, die hard.

In other topics… Have you enjoyed my Spring Trends Series? I really hope you have! The pictures were taken on a sunny Saturday in Old San Juan by Gabriella Ostolaza of Fidelius Photography. Follow her!



Complete breakdown: Forever 21 shirt, Zara skirt and belt, Mia shoes.


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