Fashion mass

The end of March has lots of meanings (depending on who you are). For some, it’s means one month less of school; to others (the mature ones), means that tax paying time is getting closer (April 15, don’t forget!). But for the vast majority of the western hemisphere, it means SPRING BREAK! And although, many are already through with it, mine has just started. So, don’t derail my excitement and follow me!

Aside from it being a breather from school, Spring Break also collides with Holy Week: the time when we remember the life and death of Jesus Christ. Long movie marathons about the Bible on TV, no meat eating, visits to the church and portrayals of biblical scenes are just some of the elements that make this week a rather ambiguous one. While many choose to respect the religious meaning behind it, others prefer to sun bathe at the beach and vacation on foreign lands. So much for “reflection time”.

Whatever your choice of activity might be, pay attention closely to the following images, cut and paste on to your body and wear it out. It’s time to attend fashion mass from Dolce & Gabbana Fall/Winter 2013.

The collection: 

The details:

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