zara-logo-1024x442Have you ever seen a more perfect banner? Or, how about a more perfect combination of letters? ZARA. ZARA. ZARA! (say them out loud!) It may be just a simple Spanish name, but to the fashion minded, it holds greater meaning. “It’s like my crack, thats store”, said Leandra Medine (aka. Man Repeller) on an interview with Lifestyle Mirror. I can truly sympathize with her feelings. Walking into a Zara store feels wrong in the best ways. I know I will get out of there with a frustration for not having enough money to buy the entire store or guilt for purchasing an item (or four) I shouldn’t have. Somehow, the addiction never wears off and it has gotten to a point where almost all my clothes are from Zara.

Let’s go back to the summer of 2007. For the first time I was shopping for clothes to wear at school, since summer school didn’t have a uniform. Besides changing schools, an important event was about to take place: my introduction to Zara. After shopping at Old Navy and Wet Seal, my mom (already a Zara lover by then) and me decided to peek inside the store. Garment after garment, I fell in love quickly and very very very hard. I knew by then that there was no way I could stop shopping there.

But what is it about Zara that has us all hooked up? Is it the high-priced quality at low price? The semi-annual sales? The fact that they sell similar styles to those on the runways but manage to make them better? Yes, yes, yes. As a girl on a low college student budget, I benefit a lot from those sales, just like the $90-originally priced boots I bought at 20 bucks. Quite a deal, isn’t it? But one thing I assure you I can’t resist from Zara is getting the latest trends at the smallest prices. Why buy Isabel Marant sneakers when you can get similar ones at $90 at Zara? That’s the kind of mind process I would like to introduce to you.

Finally, to make a point, I just counted how many pieces of clothing from this addictive Spanish store I own and it’s close to 60. I did the math. Now do yours and see if you need Zara rehab just like me.

Evidence of my rehab necessity:

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