She’s the Man

Last week, I went shopping with my boyfriend, an activity that most men find irritating, boring and immensely tedious. And while I always thought that he accompanied me for the sake of our relationship, this time I noticed he actually does enjoy the experience of buying clothes (or at least pretending to) with me. The experience is often the same: we look at several of my favorite stores, while he neglects to enter the ones that he likes with the excuse of wanting to please me. This time, I made sure the sartorial journey went both ways. That’s how I made a little discovery.

While looking around at Zara Man, I fell in love with a denim combination button down. Keep in mind this was a MEN’S  SHIRT. Le boyfriend noticed my infatuation with the shirt, to which he responded with a similar reaction.

“This one’s super nice”

“You have to get it! In fact, we can share it. We can pay it half and half!”

This was getting serious now. I couldn’t believe (neither could my boyfriend) that I was offering to buy a men’s shirt and share it with my love. Crazy things happen while shopping.

But why was this scenario so crazy? Who said a woman can’t enjoy putting on a men’s shirt? Do men’s clothing have testosterone or any other manly hormone?

I personally find women that wear menswear inspired clothing sexy. It gives us a chance to cross to the other side, to put on a new personality. Besides, if lots of girls love wearing their boyfriend’s sweatshirts and boxers, why can’t I share a denim shirt with mine? The fact is that we, as women, are so centered in the idea of being feminine that we forget that part of having true sense of style is going outside the box and playing with other types of dressing while adapting them to your estilo. 

So, don’t be afraid to explore your manly side. You never know how attractive it can be until you actually try it on. Women are from Venus, but some times we can join men and pretend to be from Mars.

All looks from Zara Man


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