Savoring coffee

553281_517169121673219_1578740475_nWhile in high school, I hated coffee. Andrea, one of my best friends, used to get coffee at 10 am everyday on 95 degree weather. It seemed crazy. To me, caffeine was not necessary. I could wake up everyday completely energized at the first beat of my alarm. Throughout the day, I didn’t need it. If classes got boring I could do some homework or talk to my friends or daydream. If lunch was too heavy and, by any chance, I got a bit sleepy, I would be up by the first joke one of my classmates made. Basically, there was no reason for me to drink coffee. All nighters did not happen, study sessions were not as long and the energy of other classmates always made me feel full of energy and happy. How I miss the high school days.

I blame Theories of Communications class for my coffee addiction. While studying for my first test for said class, I was falling deeply asleep, so I had to rely on caffeine. Believe me, making coffee for the first time was such a foreign concept for me. I had to ask my mom to make it for me. Talk about independent young adult. At first sip, I was in love.

The truth is that college students do depend on caffeine (whatever type you choose) to keep up with the constant tasks and study sessions. Whoever tells me that I am not right has not studied hard enough. An all nighter cannot really be accomplished without a sort of caffeine, definitely. Although it’s a necessity, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy and savor a good cup of coffee. So take notes from the picture above to know the difference between a latte and an americano. It takes practice and good will, but everyone can make good coffee. That doesn’t mean I have made it yet, I am just learning, slowly.


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