Smart Investments

Sometimes you happen to storm into a store determined not to like anything because you know you will be obsessed with this item for the next few days until you actually get it. That was my case. I went shopping with my friend Laura at Zara, which is the ultimate addiction for two college girls on a budget and the reason why we are sometimes broke. But this time, I was trying to keep my focus. While Laura tried on about five pieces of clothing, I sat there looking at all her wardrobe changes and resisting temptation like a boss. Suddenly, there they were: black (also available in turquoise), laser cut, Alaia-looking and incredibly high. I had to run away, or else my budget would be ruined and I would be sorry for the crime I was about to commit.

Bu the reality of the situation is that I have a very generous mother, who happens to like shopping with me and rewarding me when I need shoes to go out because the ones I have are falling apart. This is when the obsessions become real life amazingness. They are MINE now.

If you look at it this way, I got an investment out of them. They are black (always in style), high (super necessary) and chic (that’s just a plus). I will be wearing these shoes for seasons to come. Not to mention that I got a great quality knock off of $640 Alaia booties for $70. Another reason for my Zaraddiction. 


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