Golden state of mind

Once a year, the young, famous, stylish and music lovers change their usual habitats for the dessert: the Californian dessert. Boho dressing is in full fling, regardless of whether it is a trend at the time or not. Two consecutive weekends full of music, parties, fashion and fun in the sun; Rihanna to the right, Katy Perry to your left, Whitney Port in front of you and Alessandra Ambrosio sipping a cocktail by your side.  It can all mean one thing: Coachella is here.

I am no music junkie, though I do love my Pandora, but the lineup for this insane music festival makes even me want to book a trip and go away, off to the Golden Coast! Metric, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Xx (!!), The Lumineers, Vampire Weekend, Yeah yeah yeahs… And the list goes on. Jumping up and down to Wolfgang Gartner in your Dr. Marten’s and high-waisted shorts seems like a the epitome of fun for those (including me) who want to celebrate the fact that we will never be younger than we are today (Woah, that was poetic!)

Though I’ve never been, I have seen the pictures, the videos, the lineup and the all around excitement of those who actually get to go. I, on the other hand, I’m stuck doing final projects for school (Yuck!). But a girl can dream right? It’s spring after all; the seasons change, so does the music. But most of all, the fashion changes. Whether you are hitting Coachella, a picnic or day at the park, take the style at this boho-chic music festival as inspiration.

(And remember that poetic line: “We will never be younger than we are today”

But don’t YOLO your way through life, please!



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