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DSCN0802I’m almost there! It’s getting closer! Just a few more days! What I am referring to is the end of the semester, a time of emotional and physically shown stress that consumes my every thought and energy.  This semester has given me a hard time; balancing a horrible loss, school work, an internship and a blog has proven to be a lot on my plate. On the other hand, it’s been a semester of growth and lesson learning.

Today, while at social studies class, out professor said: “You don’t look like Freshmen anymore”. Granted she has seen all of us since we started in August, I felt a bit sad about finishing my first year of college. It’s been a year of all nighters, new coffee addictions, stressed-out moments and new experiences. But more than that, it’s been a year of style lessons. Yes, style. Who knew that college would be the time when I would finally come to my senses about sartorial identity?

So, this is my “hey there, I’m accepting who I am through my fashion style and what?” outfit post. After having to come up with a different outfit everyday, instead of wearing my beloved, old navy jumper, I am a believer that no matter who inspires your style and who you look up to, you still have to be true to yourself. Otherwise, you will turn out looking so much worse, believe me! I owned my style identity, will you?

DSCN0799A little kiss to Freshman year! Goodbye to you!

Rundown: Gap sweater, Zara skirt, F21 necklace, Pandora bracelets, Guess watch and old, dirty Converse (because let’s face it, the dirtier the better!).

Screen shot 2013-04-30 at 7.43.31 PM

Also, this is That’s so French’s 100th post! Let’s celebrate! Thank you for all your support throughout all these months. This is just the beginning!

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  1. Sequio says:

    ey que tal, muy buen artículo, les felicito

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