Sartorially appealing




Not me!

Not me!

Interesting conversations with the opposite sex have occurred lately. Specifically one that took place last week at the train station with one of my closest male friends. While I was sitting on his skate, he looked at me strangely enough for me to know that he was about to say I looked weird. And he did. “Why are you wearing sneakers with a skirt? Aren’t you supposed to be fashionable?”, he said in a very judgmental, “I-am-a-guy-and-I-don’t-understand-what-you-are-wearing” kind of voice. Astonished, I replied: “What do you mean? I look awesome!”. “If you were wearing normal shoes I would have checked you out”, he said.

Apart from it being a weird confession, it felt like a low blow. So, by wearing sneakers (Converse) with a skirt I was repelling the opposite sex. At that moment, I understood the preamble in which The Man Repeller is based on. There I was, completely self-confident that I looked good, being criticized by a skater with a shoe lace for belt. Lame.

But it struck me that maybe I have been doing it all wrong; maybe, just maybe, if I dressed differently I would attract more men. Maybe, if I wore a crop top with skinny jeans and sandals, I would be invited to a date every day. Maybe, just maybe.

But that was not the case: I do not dress that way and I do not have a hundred guys hitting on me. Maybe, just maybe, someone will consider me sartorially appealing. So, why don’t you join me in my cause? Will you?


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