Like mother like daughter

DSCN7245Newsflash! It’s Mother’s Day: a time for joyful family reunions celebrating our mothers’ ability to carry us 9 months in their womb and put up with for the rest of their lives. I love Mother’s Day, though some may find it overrated and unnecessary. First, it reminds e of hoy much I love my mom. Second, it reminds me of how much I don’t want a child. Don’t take me wrong; I admire my mom for having the courage and strength to give birth to and raise me.

In this time of summery dresses and gifts, I cannot help but think how much my mom and I are alike. I think I am a continuation of her in all aspects. To make my point, refer to these pictures in which she chose my outfits from my closet and I chose hers. Identical style, isn’t it? It’s classic, chic and uber-girly.

So, what do you and your mom bond with? Vintage movies? Baking? Sun-bathing? Whatever it is, be sure to enjoy it and share as more as you can with her!


Surprise guest: Coco, wearing a dress made by mom

On mom: Zara dress & Nina Ricci shoes

On me: Forever 21 dress and Zara shoes




DSCN7273On mom: Zara dress and Michael Kors shoes

On me: Forever 21 shirt and skirt; Zara shoes


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