Miami Day 1



DSCN0815The GPS guided us to Miami, FL from Ft. Lauderdale seamlessly. Every scenario, left and right, was getting better by the minute. Clean, luxurious looking streets were filled with expensive cars, stylish women and sexy men. Without noticing we arrived at Ocean Drive were the sexy people multiplied by the hundreds. My eyes could not believe what they were seeing. I was immediately in love with Miami Beach. Unfortunately, we were not staying there, but rather in Downtown Miami. So, we took the same bridge (bordered with mansions and incredible yachts) back to Downtown and checked into our hotel. the rest of the evening was spent at Bayside, exploring the markets and ocean-view restaurants.

I wore Zara shirt and sandals, Forever 21 skirt, Marc Jacobs watch and Aldo bag and glasses.


DSCN0826Meet my newest acquisition: a necklace from a kiosk in Bayside called Passage to India.


But before we got down to Miami, we went to Sawgrass Mills Fashion Outlets in Ft.Lauderdale, where we walked for hours in over 2 miles of shopping. Every girl’s dream. And talking about dreams, I almost had one of mine fulfilled at the Prada Outlet (will tell you more about it later). But even before we shopped, we ate. Where? At the Cheesecake Factory, where we devoured an exquisite Tiramisu Cheesecake.


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