Holiday in the Sun: That’s so French’s version


Oh, beautiful Nassau, Bahamas, where I fulfilled one of my greatest dreams: visiting the Atlantis. Why, you may ask? Because ever since I watched Holiday in the Sun (with Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen) when I was little, I’ve been obsessed with it. Really! Who doesn’t love a five-star resort in the middle of the Caribbean with world-renowned aquariums and pool attractions?  I know I do! So, when my mom and I reviewed the list of explorations available to book and saw the Atlantis Aquadventure package, we couldn’t resist. Not only did we get to visit the hotel, but we speed down tubes surrounded by sharks and raced each other at The Challenger. Dream come true! DSCN0920 DSCN0921



DSCN0914What I wore: Zara t-shirt, sandals and belt, Forever 21 shorts and hat and Aldo sunglasses.

RSCN0962After dinner: Zara t-shirt, shoes and sweater, Asos skirt and Aldo bag.

DSCN0903Oh, thanks for the on-board Starbucks, dear cruise!


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