Feeling Gatsby

382531_457689607659068_1522054985_nIn news pertaining cinema, The Great Gatsby is out! Though I have not seen it, the trailer has me dying to get my lazy ass to the theater to watch Leonardo Di Caprio and Carey Mulligan exemplify the amazing characters of the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel. It’s been many years since I first read said literary material, but I haven’t forgotten one bit. This movie hasn’t only been a great accomplishment to the film industry, but the fashion industry, which enjoys being involved in a major flick every times it gets a chance, has embraced the Gatsby mania as well. Brooks Brothers and Prada participated in the making of the elaborate costumes. Now, the Internet seems to be drooling over 1920’s style, an era of flappers, lavish parties, fun, liquor, diamond headpieces and manly suits. I admit to being one of those people who have never experimented with 1920’s fashion but is now obsessed over it. So, here you have the evidence: a makeup done and shot by my good friend, photographer and makeup artist Nicole Colon of MigMig Photography. 





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