Prom diaries

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RSCN1103With a dress inspired by Elie Saab and a beauty look to kill, Frances Dumont got ready for her prom night last Tuesday at Wanda Montes Salon in Hato Rey, nervously anticipating what the night would bring. It’s no secret that prom night is the most important night of senior year, or better yet, your entire high school life. The preparations begin almost a year before with class meetings to decide what the night will entail, which band to hire and what food will be served. But one of the most important and personal details of prom night is the dress. I like to think about a prom dress as the most important dress you will ever wear because prom only happens once, not like a wedding. In Frances’s case, she chose a dress inspired by an Elie Saab ad campaign full of volume, drapery and body slimming lines. Paired with Steve Madden shoes, her dress fit like a glove when it was time to zip it up for the moment of truth. What happened after Frances stepped out of her hotel room to attend prom night is only known by the prom queen herself.






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