Sister, sister


It is often said that a sister is a continuation of one’s self, that many couldn’t live without. I can’t speak on matters of sisters (or brothers) for that matter, being an only child. But judging by eighteen years of observation, siblings seem to compliment each other, either with fights, sharing clothes or finishing each other’s sentences. I have yearned for a sibling since I was born; someone to keep me company and share nightly deep conversations with. But I wasn’t as lucky as Andrea and Amanda, my cousins.

On Thursday morning, I arrive at their humble abode in Los Prados, Caguas to sit down to talk fashion and sister style, aside from shooting their favorite looks and essential pieces. Amanda opened the door dressed in her first look and rocking new bangs! I entered the living room, where they laid out their wardrobe essentials from their closets. The energy of both sisters was flying high as they prepared to shoot their first outfit. Although they have modelled before, it is not their every day activity.

Amanda wears a Zara top, Charlotte Russe skirt and Chiquitin flats; Andrea wears a Marshall’s top, Macy’s skirt and Wild Pair shoes.

DSCN1138Nowadays, they are both focused on school: Amanda is a high school junior, while Andrea studies Elementary Pedagogy at the University of Puerto Rico, Bayamon Campus.  Although Andrea’s life as a student gives her liberty to wear her favorite pieces for school, Amanda is bound to a school uniform, along with her cheerleading uniform. She is a cheerleader for the Colegio Bautista de Caguas’s Hawks. But off school, she prefers to wear pastel and light colors, a world apart for her sister, who describes black, red and navy as her favorite colors to wear. No matter the differences between them, Andrea and Amanda share, not only blood, a house and a first letter in their names, but a bond that will undoubtedly keep them strong forever. And a great fashion sense, too! wears a Lola dress and Baker’s shoes; Andrea wears a Forever 21 dress, Idore shoes from Novus and a Marshall’s necklace.


DSCN1154Amanda wears a Marshall’s dress and Shi shoes; Andrea wears a Forever 21 dress and Baker’s shoes. DSCN1155

Watch the full interview and behind the scenes video here.


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