I dyed

Before & After

As a woman, one will always encounter moments of self-esteem deficiency, lack of emotional control and paranoia. It’s one of the fundamentals rules of womanhood: at some point you will lose it. Personally, I had never been faced with a moment so powerful that would combine all three of the previously mentioned descriptions of “losing it”. But there I was, agreeing to dye my natural black locks for the first time ever. This was a turning point in my life.

It is often said that women dye their hair because they want a change in their lives. Well, my reason for dying my hair wasn’t far off. I had faced the change in my life and now, I wanted a new hair to accompany it. To be honest, I had wanted to dye my hair for months, but it takes crucial moments on one’s life to finally make a decision about changing your hair. Why? Because it transforms you into someone else; you become a 2.0 version of yourself (if you get a good result).

I was lucky enough to get a good result, but that doesn’t mean the freak out session stopped once my hair was finally dyed. First, it was the “my hair doesn’t look colored” phase. Then, came the “it looks red” phase. At last, I spit out: “I look ghetto!” I’m sure at this point, my friends had had enough of my complaining.

But, as freaked as I was, I grabbed my highest (and comfiest) pair of heels, a short leather skirt, put on a face full of makeup and walked out of my house for a night with my girls. What happened next reassured me that changing my hair might have been the smartest decision I’ve made in a while.


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