Electric Blue

_MG_1732editedLet’s talk about conservativeness, shall we? I feel like it’s a topic I never emphasize on. First confession: I am the most conservative style-obsessed girl I know. I don’t wear earrings that are not pearls or other type of small earring, wearing jeans is a nightmare for me, and I don’t approve of wearing shorts or skirts that are too revealing. Oh, and I hate anything that is tight. Yeah, I think that sums it all up. It comes as no surprise that my favorite season to get dressed is winter. So, the outfit presented in these pictures was a big departure from what I usually like wearing: short, flouncy and bra-less. All in the name of summer heat.

However, this conservativeness has me thinking: Am I turning into a granny at (almost) nineteen? What is it about being sexy or edgy that freaks me out so much? Is it the fact that men might stare at me or the religious upbringing consciousness that kicks in once in a while? Whichever reason, I find them all unnecessary in my life and I want them out now! Youth is about embracing the moment and take risks, especially in what one wears. So, here’s to finding a balance. Cheers!

_MG_1733edited _MG_1738edited _MG_1741edited

Part 2 of a Hanging by Threadz x That’s so French collaboration

Shoes & vest: Zara; Bag: Aldo; Necklace: Forever 21

Shot by Barbara Muriente at Old San Juan, Puerto Rico


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