Sunny with a chance of flowers

_MG_1833edited _MG_1832editedGet to know the lady behind Hanging by Threadz, right this way:

Name: Barbara Muriente

School: Fashion Institute of Technology-New York, NY

Major: Advertising & Marketing Communications

Favorite hobbies: Vintage shopping, photography, dancing, admiring architecture.

How do you see yourself in ten years?H

In ten years, I see myself running my own business, working, working, working. Hopefully, owning my own apartment with a BIG closet! I also see myself surrounded by the people I love, as well as traveling the world and taking in different cultures and lifestyles. Also, I would really love to be involved in various social and ecological causes. I know… I’m the kind of person who hopes to have the best of both worlds and wants to do everything at once. My apologies if I sound a bit hypocritical.

How would you describe your personal style?

I don’t stick to just one style. I like mixing it up. I enjoy mixing the old with the new; it can be quite interesting seeing the outcome of combining pieces from different eras into one outfit. My style also relies on my mood, but, Recently, I have leaned more towards statement jewelry and layering. I believe in accessories. What really makes the cut is how you style and accessorize a good old pair of torn jeans or a delicate silk dress.

5 things you can’t live without:

a) My family

b) My dog, Naya

c) Music

d) Shoes (Apparently, I’m a hoarder)

e) Love.

What is your biggest passion?

One of my biggest passions has and will always be dance. I used to dance before, and it gave me a sense of freedom. I could abandon all worries for that moment. But my biggest passion right now is life. I’m hungry for life and everything that comes with it.

Who do you admire the most?

My girlfriend. She has gone through a lot, but always keeps moving forward. She’s tough, but in a good way. My rock.

What is the concept behind Hanging by Threadz and how did it originate?

Hanging by Threadz began as local vintage and second-hand clothing store in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We then decided to dedicate ourselves into becoming an online concept store where you find vintage clothing and accessories, art, as well as other goods. We travel the whole island in the search of timeless garments that can be effortlessly included in our modern-day wardrobe. Our goal is to develop a different point of view: encourage the women of Puerto Rico into becoming vintage and second-hand shoppers furthermore, lovers, while implementing great style through unique items.

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