Summer fling chronicles

foto-anne-hathaway-y-jim-sturgess-en-one-day-5-071            The arrival of summer for single human beings arouses a whole new world of possibilities in the dating department. Whether you are recently single or just not the relationship type, giving the chance to a summer fling is extremely recommended. Summer is not a season when seriousness is involved in any matter. Sand gets in your toes, the sun kisses your hair and you just want someone that will take long road trips and a cup of coffee with you.

            As a recently single girl, I have given the topic of summer flings a lot of thought because, let’s face it, it’s good business. But my experience with summer flings has been quite different from the usual “I meet a guy and we are perfect until summer ends” situation because, in my case, they last a night, or two.

            I met “Possible summer fling #1” while at a club the same day I dyed my hair (I told you the color was life changing). We talked, we danced, we laughed, only to receive a call that said: “Hey baby, you remember me?” Not cute or charming. We recapped the night on a 15-minute conversation that my friends overheard while peeing their pants in laughter. That eliminated him as a summer fling prospect.

            Possible summer fling #2 appeared a few weeks ago while celebrating my friend’s birthday at some bar. His best friend had gone to elementary school with one of my friends, and so we came to meet. He was charming, very good looking and made me laugh, a lot. But, when he called 4 times a week later, he seemed a bit too eager. I haven’t heard more from him, luckily.

            So, long story short. Summer flings don’t always follow rules. They come and go and come again, only to find ourselves in very uncomfortable conversations and looking for an exit strategy. They might text you asking for a cute picture or call you baby more times than your mother did when your were born. You might not remember them the next day or you might wish they were dating material. Just so you are warned, never underestimate the power of a summer fling. Always be prepared. They might strike in the most unpredictable of situations. 


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