Baggy vs hot pant

During this summer’s styling sessions, I have become aware of one particular shift in my style identity: baggy shorts win over hot pants. So, I decided to do an experiment, which involved wearing both and deciding which one my current taste would like. As you can observe by the images above, the hypothesis of this experiment came to be true: my heart lies with baggy denim cut-offs.

 It was only last summer when my ex-boyfriend gave me the pair on the right after I eyed them at PacSun. They were a gift, but I practically chose them. Clearly, I had an affection towards skimpy, mini pants. But why the sudden change? What changed my previous predilection? Maybe I read Man Repeller too much or I have accepted the fact that I have no derriere (therefore, don’t care in showing it). Either reason, there is one conclusion at hand and I attempt to convince you on my new choice.

Think about it. While wearing baggy cut-offs you can move freely without the uncomfortable wedgy or showing of butt cheek. On the other hand, if you wear hot pants, you might have to walk exposed to dirty pickup lines and sensual stares. Baggy cut-offs cover all imperfections in your thighs and make the look skinnier, while hot pants only make thighs look wider. I can keep giving you reasons all day long, but I don’t have that much time and I know you don’t either. So, take a vote: which do you prefer?

Baggy look: Zara t-shirt, Forever 21 shorts, hat and necklace and Nine West shoes.

Hot pant look: Zara t-shirt, PacSun shorts, Forever 21 headband and necklace and Nine West shoes.


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