White on white

DSCN1447Vintage white button-down, H&M skirt, Pandora bracelets.

DSCN1452 DSCN1453In case you haven’t been around, it’s super hot out. Also, it’s almost time to go back to school. These two facts makes blossom one question: what am I going to wear to school with this heat? My worries have become more profound, since I have begun to experiment them while running errands at school these last few days. The unstoppable sweating and irremediable feeling that there’s no way I will make it alive to the Registrar’s office have made me realize that I have to come up with a strategic way to battle this heat if I want to keep looking chic.

 While preparing to shoot this look, I examined closely the basic requirements of a heat-proof outfit. First, it would have to be short. Then, easy, breezy fabrics would enter the mix. Lastly, IT CAN’T BE BLACK! Let’s just say there’s a reason why black is mainly reserved for winter (aka in PR as “the time we pretend we are in winter while celebrating Christmas but it’s just a chillier version of summer”).

So, here’s my experiment in looking somewhat decent while battling 98-degree heat. I’ll be sure to keep it reserved when it comes the time to wake up at 7 every day and take the train to school. At least, I’ll look chic, right? So, what will you be wearing, folks? Do share!

Also, courtesy of Into the Gloss, an experiment in “The Swoosh” on my hair.


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