19 candles

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It’s August 13th, 2013, in case you haven’t noticed. For your information, nineteen years ago my mother gave birth to me this exact day in Caguas, Puerto Rico. While the day of my birth was more tragic than merry (I almost lost my mom before I even knew her), my life has not been a vivid image of this almost tragedy. My mother has sacrificed everything in her life for me to grow up into the human being I am today. Though, I am not sure how to describe that human being yet, the course of actions and achievements in my life speak of someone who is willing to fight for her dreams and not let anything stop her. That’s a description I would approve of.

But in spite of it being nineteen aka. not a special birthday to celebrate, I have decided that this year should be a celebration just as my 18th birthday was. Sure last year I became a totally different person after turning eighteen. I was allowed to drink, started college, was given my own car and could go out to all sorts of places. But beyond that, being eighteen showed some valuable lessons I shall never forget. This last year I started to take steps towards being a grow-up, and while certainly didn’t like some of the responsibilities and stress situations, I did grow up for the best (I hope).

Oh, and in case you are wondering, these are the birthday plans for this week. Today, I shall go to school to take my Hispanic Literature class and enjoy my favorite coffee. In the coming days, I am going to dinner with my mother and shopping for some sartorial necessities. On Thursday, I shall celebrate properly at Club Brava with my friends. Let the birthday week begin!

Now to the main reason of this post. Above is a slideshow highlighting the nineteen most important lessons I have gained throughout the nineteen years I have been alive. Hope they inspire you as well!


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