The coffee chronicles

Screen shot 2013-08-29 at 2.12.31 PM

…well, that’s terrible. 

Written by Andrea Lopez

As a proud coffee consumer/lover, I look forward to a warm cup of Joe at any point during the day. My constant consumption of coffee has earned me the reputation of an addict. Needless to say, every time I arrived to my dorm I would have to make some to wake me up and help me go through the rest of the day.

One day during my first semester, I was REALLY tired and was anxiously awaiting my freshly made Bustelo cup of coffee with black sugar. When I arrived to my dorm I was faced with the horrifying fact that my coffee maker had been confiscated during a room check because it was a “fire hazard.” Since when is coffee a fire hazard? I was not only mad, but also sad because I felt they had taken my culture away, my smell of Puerto Rico. But instead of admitting defeat (as the Scorpio that I am), I ran to my friend’s room and borrowed her coffee maker. After making mi cafecito (while laughing and saying “I will not be silenced” to my roommates) I went to my Resident Advisors room and begged him, honestly demanded him (because I have a right to coffee), to return my coffee maker. Needless to say my persuasion skills won over his ethics. In less than an hour my precious was in my hands… and then I made some more coffee.


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