This time I’ll be rain proof

x-14 x-15I’ve learned a few things during my (almost) year and a half as a college student. Mostly that coffee is a great partner in crime and that being young means having mental crisis every five minutes. But beyond my personal growth, college has taught me to get dressed for battle. And by battle, I mean walking around campus. More precisely my college campus, which is the equivalent of an obstacle course: sidewalks are cracked by tree roots, stormy rain can come unexpectedly and heat will want to make you take off your clothes. Attending the University of Puerto Rico is an experience on its own that will make any fashionista learn a few lessons in weatherproof, life-proof, whatever-comes-your-way-proof dressing.

Yesterday afternoon, while having lunch, I ran into a friend, a freshman at my school. I swear ten seconds didn’t go by until she spit out: “Have you seen how ugly I’m dressed today? I hate the rain”. To which I replied: “I’ve fu&*^ up every shoe I own since I started here. Welcome to the UPR!”. She was wearing a t-shirt, jeans and sneakers, while I was attempting to channel parisian chic in a grey romper used as a top, flouncy mini skirt and gladiator sandals. The over prepared versus the unprepared.

Since we live in a  tropical island, more rain is expected to come our way. More than that, a tropical storm that promises to ruin all of the weekend’s plans is also on the schedule. So, we might as well figure out a balance between covering from the rain and channeling our style tastes. Two options are shown above.

  1. First, we have a look inspired by London and Cara Delevingne, which makes no sense since I live in an island with 85-degree weather, but I can sweat for fashion. Riding boots are a must for running like it’s a marathon every time you are making your way to class without an umbrella. In that case, include the umbrella, like the outfit in discussion. Also, express your anger towards the stupid weather with a necklace that embodies your hatred (Aarrghhh!)
  2. The outfit below features a knit dress (perfect for the unexpected cold-ish weather), knee socks (to cover your legs, I guess?), a beanie (which were big at BCBG’s Fall 2013 collection), sneaker wedges (courtesy of Isabel Marant’s genius invention), a backpack (you know, so you don’t lose the focus of why you are in school in the first place), and an umbrella (because running in sneaker wedges can be more difficult than in riding boots).

Let’s get ready for battle (aka hurricane season) because, sadly, it’s just getting started. 

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