Newfound uniform

photo 2photoT-shirt, skirt, bag and shoes by Zara; Forever 21 accessories and Aldo glasses. (Pardon the remote on the couch!)
photo 4 x-16

During my last three years of high school, I yearned for the days when wearing uniforms would be a thing of the past. The navy blue jumper I had to wear all day, every day made me feel constrained, a robot, a member of an army force. You would think that being able to accessorize a uniform is an easy task, but as I learned, it was not. Strict school policies and watchful teachers make for really boring looks and no sense of fashionable self-expression. So, I was left with a reality difficult to face: looking equal to everyone else.

It has come as a total surprise to me that, now that I am starting my sophomore year of college, I have begun to create my uniform. After a year of experimenting with my style identity to create a personal look, t-shirts and skirts have become my best friends. Oh, and strappy sandals. Believe me, no one is more surprised or ashamed than I am (Did I just quote Chuck Bass?).

As it turns out, uniforms exist for plenty of reasons (and no, it’s not just to bother you throughout your entire school life). First, it’s easy and fast. Second, there is a defined look. Third, sartorial inspiration doesn’t come as easy when I have three tests on my mind and no sleep. So, therefore, I have been forced by college’s nature to develop a system of uniformity in my wardrobe. This semester, it’s t-shirts and skirts, but I warn you, next semester might be denim cut-offs and combat boots. Who knows?

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