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Another season of New York Fashion Week has come and gone leaving behind pictorial memories of the best collections and tired feet for those women who ran from show to show for seven days. For the unlucky, non-attendees, Fashion Week is the time when we are hooked to Instagram, Twitter and to check out the latest shows and keep up to date with what’s happening at the place we wish we were at. Thank you, technology, we owe you a lot!

Though Fashion Week is dedicated to showcasing the collections of America’s finest and most prestigious designers, we all know the real fashion show happens on the street. Editors, bloggers, models and other industry insiders walk around in their wardrobe’s best to impress the street style photographers that await outside the tents at Lincoln Center. Dressing for Fashion Week is an event on its own, and it no longer involves wearing a full head-to-toe designer look to said designer’s show. It’s about exercising the sartorial muscles to create the most authentic, self-expressive looks. After all, Fashion Week is the equivalent to the Olympics for fashion. You better werk it.

This season, legs were hot, apparently. Skirts, skirts and more skirts were popping everywhere, paired with single-sole heels, knee-high boots and crop tops. Though all types of skirts were involved in the mix, the midi (aka a skirt that does not reach your ankles but is slightly below your knee) seemed to be the most popular, and I can understand why. Think about it: the volume of a midi skirt makes you feel like a princess in an everyday setting and is not uncomfortable when sitting down (so you don’t get worried about your underwear showing) or walking (a maxi skirt getting caught in your heels is not a chic way to fall). Bring into the formula a crop top to show off those abs you’ve been working hard for and a Celine bag and boom! You have the perfect outfit, the one I would love to be buried in.

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